Sensible Livery Service
              A Private Transportation Provider  

Phone & Text: 339-368-9089

Phone Only: 781-960-0075
Fax: 781.648.2539

Located In: Arlington, MA.


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                                                                    Sensible Livery Service, LLC
                                                                                                         Arlington, MA

- All Requested Pick Up’s Must Be Confirmed By Both Parties, Before Scheduling Is Finalized.
- Please Consult Our Pick Up Coverage Locations, Prior To Booking. Or, Contact Us. 

- When Filling Out Forms, Fill All That Apply - Scroll To “ Book or Next” For Next Page.
- Fill A Separate Booking Form, Per Each Ride Request.

- Allow For A 10 Min. Window, On Pick Up Times- Ex: 6:20(6:30)
- For Airport Pick Ups, Include- All Flight Details

- Payment Forms Accepted- Cash, On-board Credit Card Device, Online Invoicing or By Phone.

To Request Your Transportation Please Click The Link Below, For Our Booking Site. 

                                                   Quick Note On, Transportation Services, Reasonable Grace Periods And Added Fees, 

 1)  Hourly Services: If After A Grace Period Of...( A 15 Min. Wait),
    An Hourly Service Exceeds, A Pre-Scheduled Agreement Time Frame. *
  If There Is Excessive Waiting For Any Pick Up's.* 

     2) General Rides: If After A Grace Period Of... (A 10 Min. Wait). *

3) Logan Airport Pick Up's: If After A Grace Period Of, Up To... (1 Hr. Waiting) *
(unless, it's made known or, if contacted by customer of the reasoning)

4) Other Transit Pick Up's: If After A Grace Period Of... (A 20 Min. Wait).
(unless, it's made known or, if contacted by customer of the reasoning)

   * An Added Fee May Be Applied, To Original Fee or Rate, Once The Grace Period Time Has Lapsed. 
   (At A Rate Of $20 Per. Hr. - On The Hour)

After Exceeded Wait Time & Several Attempts To Make Contact With Passenger(s), With No Connection Made, 
                        Or, If Driver / Sensible Livery Service, LLC, Has Not Been Contacted By Passenger(s) By Phone & Or Texting
                                                                       Regarding, Wait Time, Delay or Any Cancellation Info. 
                      The Scheduled Ride May Need To Be Dropped, With Final Notice. Due To Other Possible & Scheduled Rides. 
                                           If Applicable & Available, A New Ride Vehicle Would Need To Be Contacted, For A Pick Up. 

Standard(quotes) Rates- Do Not Include, Other Applicable Fees Or State Tolls. Unless Hourly. 

Transportation Payments Are Due With Your Driver At The End Of All Scheduled Ride(s) Or As Notified. 

Sensible Livery Service, LLC, Is Not Responsible For Any Lost, Missing or Stolen Items. 
As Well As Any Missing Details or Information On Scheduled Rides.

Hourly Rides, That Are Out Of State And / Or Long Road Trips(if available for service) Of 4 - 6 Hours,..

Driver Is Required To Exit At Nearest Rest Area or Gas Station, After 4 Hours Of Driving. For,  10 Mins.
On Rides Over 4 Hours ... Same As Above. But, For 30 Mins. After 6 Hours Of Driving.

Drivers Are Not To Exceed 10 Hrs Of Driving In A Given Day- For Safety Reasons.
Repeat Above, If Road Trip Continues The Following Day. (Limited Interstate Traveling)

We Reserve The Right For Policy Changes Or Additions, Without or With Limited Notice.