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Where The Fight For Independence Began

Among the free or cheap things to do in Boston and the Greater Boston area is the Freedom Trail. There’s more than one reason we recommend this tour though. The memories there are priceless. You can almost smell the stale musket smoke. Shadows of the Red Coats appear to loom over some of those dirt paths and windy roads. If you listen closely, you can hear the distant echo of the Minutemen scrambling to gather their ammunition in time to protect their families and their homes. The hoof beats of the riders galloping through town, shouting that the British are coming, the British are coming!

Lexington Concord Minuteman Park

Stop in at the Visitors’ Center for a multimedia presentation about the life and times of Colonial America. Take a tour of the various establishments, preserved in vintage colonial fashion. Come in the Spring and watch a reenactment of the beginning of the Revolutionary war. That April morning quickly escalated into America’s fight for independence. Book your RIDE today for the amazing tour of the Freedom Trail.

What to Expect on Freedom Trail Tour

The Freedom trail is a 2.5 mile well marked route that takes you 16 different places of historical significance. To get the most of your tour, plan for anywhere between 2 hours and half a day. Some sites are open seasonally, most are free; and some are not. We suggest planning ahead of time so as not to miss the places you’re most eager to see.

Only Here in Boston…

In the warmer months, bring a snack or a picnic lunch and relax by the picnic area just outside the Visitors’ Center in Lexington. The tour is close to downtown Lexington, where there is no shortage of cafes, restaurants, ice cream shops and enough eateries to please every palate! If you happen to be there on a Tuesday, Lexington boasts one of the largest farmers’ markets in the area. There you will find everything from baked goods, gourmet foods, farm fresh eggs and even live music. See a list of vendors here. Oh and we should warn you, it’s not unusual to walk into a cafe in Lexington and find a Red Coat ordering a latte! It’s just one of those “only in Boston things.”