ArtWeek in Boston

ArtWeek in Boston

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ArtWeek is Coming to Boston!

This year’s festival is slated for April 26-May 5th. If you’ve never been, its a great way to celebrate art in Boston and beyond! Presented by Highland Street Foundation and produced by the Boch Center, ArtWeek is all about raising awareness of the creative economy in the community. ArtWeek partners with the Mass Cultural Council and the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism to recognize and promote art in the Boston area.

So what can you see at ArtWeek, where do you find the exhibits and how much is admission? I’ll answer the last question first. Many events are completely free! The ones that aren’t free are usually less than $50 a person. ArtWeek and all its generous partners have done everything to make sure this festival is accessible to everyone.

Here is a list of where and how you may see and experience ArtWeek 2019:

  • Newbury Street
  • Boston Public Market
  • The Greenway
  • Boston Commons
  • Omni Parker House
  • State Library of Massachusetts
-Eustis Estate
-Prudential Center

Experience the Culinary Arts

ArtWeek celebrates food! Restaurants in the area will be crafting specialty foods and cocktails, inspired by the art of their choice! I wonder what will be the highlight this year… Zakim Zoodles or Bunker Hill Benedict? Who knows! Go and find out! If you’re curious about who has been featured in previous ArtWeeks, here’s a website where you can see which restaurants that participated in last year’s ArtWeek.

(Caution: you may drool over some of those photos 😉

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The Art of Landscape

Light Up the Night is a beautiful way to enjoy the city’s landscape! All across the city certain iconic buildings and landmarks will light up and offer a visual celebration of Boston. It’s pretty cool on a regular week. you can imagine how much better it will look during ArtWeek! Imagine the Pru, the statehouse, and Zakim demonstrating an amazing amount of creativity during ArtWeek. Not something to miss!

ArtWeek on the Road

In association with Clear Channel, the Boch Center decided to feature selected artist on billboards all throughout the city. Guest curators choose the artists. Imagine if you were an artist and learned that your art was about to be featured for an entire week in Boston!

Contributing $2.2 million in support with advertising and various promotions media partners have given way to the huge success that ArtWeek is. The event has received accolades from Boston Globe, Americans for the Arts and many more.

Arts – Beyond Boston

Are you not much of a downtown kind of person? ArtWeek’s exponential growth has caught on. What that means is you may be able to experience ArtWeek without going into the city! For a full list of where you may be able to participate in ArtWeek without going into the city, see ArtWeek’s website. Of course if you don’t mind being in the city but don’t want to drive, call us. Book a ride with Sensible Livery, and skip the long crowded lines at the train stops or the unpredictable ride hailing of a taxi, bus etc. Why not ride to this event in style, comfort and bring the whole family? We even have car seats if you’re traveling with little ones! Just let us know how we may accommodate you.

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Are You a Business Owner?
If you are a business owner that would like to contribute to this massive event or participate in it, ArtWeek’s website has all of the information you will need. You will learn what qualifies as an exhibit, what you need to do to apply and much more.

ArtWeek Boston is a fun and affordable event for the whole family to enjoy and participate in the arts! If you have never been maybe it’s time to try something new. It’s coming soon! Don’t miss out!

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